1 Jan 2018


Artist Ahmad Angawi Takes Part in Design Days Dubai Exhibition

Artist Ahmad Angawi took part in the seventh year of the Design Days Dubai exhibition, March 14-17, 2017, with sponsorship from the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture: a Saudi Aramco initiative. The Center is keen on supporting local talents by providing opportunities to showcase their works inside the Kingdom and worldwide. The Center is focused on inspiring creative talents and boost their passion for creativity. Mr. Tariq Al-Ghamdi, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture director, said that the Center: “Is looking to become a pioneering platform for arts and designs, and avail the chance to Saudi designers to showcase their creations in esteemed international exhibitions.” The Center also seeks to contribute toward the Kingdom’s transformation into a knowledge society, and to affect a positive and tangible impact on human development by inspiring love for knowledge, creativity, and cross-cultural communication.
Artist and designer Ahmad Angawi was born in 1981 in Makkah and was first inspired by the Hijazi environment known for its rich art and cultural heritage. His works stood out with their focus on the human aspect, in particular a focus on culture and heritage. Through his travels around the Arab world, Angawi visited some of the most important historical cities as well as most prominent artistic locations and exhibitions. His tours took him to many countries including Egypt, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia. He is especially interested in traditional artists and artisans, and he studied the methods that are applied in many craft schools as well as the relationship between traditional products and current market demands. Mr. Angawi participated in the Design Days Dubai with an art collection named “Something.” The collection is a group of art pieces that were inspired by different environments and traditions from the Arab world. He started working on his collection in 2005 in collaboration with Arab craftsmen to develop these pieces to fit modern lifestyles.
The Design Days Dubai is one of Art Dubai’s initiatives. It is one of the pioneering art initiatives in the Middle East focusing on furniture designs and art pieces.