Let us welcome you in our own way

To provide easier access to our services and facilities, we offer a variety of options for you to simply choose.
1- Free entry pass.
2- Paid tickets to our programs.
If you would like to take a tour in the Center to enjoy its architectural features and explore the floors of the Library, you will need a free entry pass. To enjoy our movies at the cinema, enter children’s museum, or explore the Ithra museum and its galleries, you will need to buy a ticket.
22 - 23 June

The Chemical Show

A scientific show on a trolley providing chemistry experiments in an engaging way.

Ticket Prices: Free Details
June 19-23


Takht Performance

Arabic music with 8 different instruments

Ticket Prices: Not required Details
June 19, 20, 21

Energy Exhibit

Clothes Line Play

The Clothes Line play is a Saudi playback improve performance that is focused solely on the audience interaction in creating the play.

Ticket Prices: SAR 20 Details
19-21 june


Ardha Performance

A vibrant traditional Saudi sword dance.

Ticket Prices: No tickets Required Details
June 19-23

Energy Exhibit

3D movie( Mysteries of the Unseen World)

A movie that transports audiences to places on this planet that they have never been before, to see things that are beyond their normal vision, yet literally right in front

Ticket Prices: Details
16 - 23 June


The Little Prince

3D animated film based on the classic novel of the same name. Discover one of the most beloved stories of all time with this 3D animated film based on the

Ticket Prices: SAR 25 Details
16 - 23 june


The Goonies

In order to save their home from foreclosure, a group of misfits set out to find a pirate’s ancient valuable treasure. Join us for a screening of this classic 80s

Ticket Prices: 25 SAR Details
16 - 23 June


The story Behind the Object Tour

Discover the Kunooz Gallery, which showcases the beauty of Islamic design and heritage, by undertaking a 45-minute tour narrated by our expert guides. Take a step back in time and

Ticket Prices: Inside the museum Details
June 19-23

Energy Exhibit

EE Interactive Characters

Meet with interactive characters in the exhibit and get to know what kind of scientific content is inside their pockets

Ticket Prices: Details
16 - 23 June

Children's museum

Paper Dolls

Children will learn about different cultures through costume and creativity. It’s never too soon to introduce children to different cultures and what better way to learn than with paper dolls

Ticket Prices: Free Details

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