King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Ithra, seeks to invest in our people, unleashing their creative potential. We realize that the true source of sustainable wealth is in the energy and creativity of our people. The Center promotes corporate citizenship and social responsibility through the volunteers, and they will have a crucial role in making the Center’s community-enriching events and programs successful.

Ithra Volunteerism Vision:

To be the thriving hub for volunteerism by providing enriching volunteering opportunities for exchanging knowledge, developing skills, and nurturing creativity and cross-cultural engagement.

  1. Volunteer Services Main Pillars:

    Sustainability: Provide sustainable volunteerism programs to cater for the Center’s public offerings; aiming to participate in raising awareness to promote sustainable volunteerism throughout the Kingdom.

  2. Empowerment: Empower youth to support their communities and shape the future of the Kingdom through offering enriching events and volunteering programs aimed at youth development, capacity-building, and inspiring knowledge and creativity.

  3. Promotion: To promote volunteerism, encourage local talent to volunteer and create volunteering opportunities.

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