The Center museum will comprise of various exhibits that will expose both local and international cultures through its four galleries. Each of the museum’s galleries will focus on various subjects ranging from the ancient to the contemporary. The galleries will engage audiences further by using interactive technology, workshops and specialized tours and lectures.

Funoon Gallery: This gallery will showcase the best of Saudi and Middle Eastern modern and contemporary art and will also include a specialized space available for talented up and coming artists to display their artworks.

Ajyaal Gallery: Through various high quality exhibitions, Ajyal gallery will showcase Saudi heritage throughout the history of its diverse regions and cultures.

Kunooz Gallery: This gallery will showcase the beauty of Islamic design and heritage. It will encompass works of significant value in Islamic history dating as far back to the establishment of Islam and ranging geographically from Gornata to the lands of Java

Rehlaat Gallery: The gallery will showcase the geography of the Arabian Peninsula and its relationship with people throughout history. Rehlaat serves as the most interactive gallery and will include screens and voice effects to exhibit various wildlife and nature through the Arabian Peninsula’s geographical history. It will also offer live specimens for visitors to engage with.