The Knowledge Tower aims to offer the latest educational techniques in the fields of knowledge and idea creation. It has many rooms that will host 2000 annual workshops in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in addition to arts, multimedia, and skill-building programs. The content that will be offered in these workshops is being developed in partnership with the best international educational institutions that will work side by side with the specialized national institutions.

Many workshops target youth, however, the Tower will offer programs to all age groups in different fields. It will reach 80,000 students by offering 500,000 hours of learning opportunities per year. The knowledge exchanges in the Tower will cultivate citizenship, celebrate diversity, promote volunteerism, and nurture curiosity as well as a yearning for knowledge. The Center will not be bound to the offerings of its physical components. It will also offer a dynamic online presence through its websites, blogs, and other social media that will enable people far beyond the Eastern Province to actively engage with the Center and benefit from its knowledge and cultural offerings.

The Center will contribute toward enriching the Arabic digital content and providing high-quality resources to the youth through interactive online educational games and animated videos tailored to fit different age groups and interests.