11 Mar 2018


Al-Muftaha iInspire Girl Goes Viral on Social Media

With its spectacular show in Abha, iInspire attracted an audience of 3,000 visitors of all ages, filling the seats of the Al-Muftaha Theater and presenting a selection of the best stories. This event comes as part of the Ithra Southern Border initiative launched by the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) on February 27 2017. The initiative comes under the slogan Moments of Courage and aims to enrich the minds of 20,000 young men and women in the Kingdom’s southern regions.

#iInspire_Abha was the second most popular hashtag used by Gulf netizens on Twitter. One of the viral tweets was a video of Afnan Al-‘Amri who stood up to bravely narrate the story of her father, bringing the audience to tears. Her father, Dr. Ahmad Al-‘Amri, said on his Twitter account: “I attended iInspire and was hoping to share inspiring moments with my children. When the floor was given to the audience, I hoped to speak about my brave inspiration, my mother. However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear my daughter speak about me as her inspiration. These are moments that can make a huge difference in our lives.”

A short video by Mohammed Al-Yusi, who came up with the initiative “my inspiration,” went viral, showing his mother crying as he spoke about his experience. The video, which showed him hugging his mother and kissing her head in front of the audience, became one of the most prominent scenes of iInspire circulated by users on Twitter.

On his Twitter account, Dr. Tariq Al-Ahmari said: “This is an amazing effort in the history of communities. An inspiring person’s greatest achievement is awakening in people a sense of appreciation for themselves and the people around them; to bear different perspectives and understand the circumstances; to be proud of those worthy and not to accept to live on the margins of life. These are horizons that allow excellence to all.”

Al-Muftaha Theater hosted five inspiring people who shared their brave experiences with the audience. It started with Haytham, the presenter of “Haytham’s Experiences,” who talked about the culture of work under the title “Ask an experienced person” and how he presented this on social networking sites to benefit as many youth as possible.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Al-Mulhim overcame the challenges that faced him in achieving his dream to go to outer space as part of a Russian mission into the cosmos. He will be only the second Muslim Arab astronaut to go to space after His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Salman, who flew into space in 1985.

‘Isa Nahari shared his story with iInspire, saying: “iInspire is one of the pioneering initiatives presented by Ithra Center for the southern border regions. Passion was strongly present. We started in Najran as five speakers from all across the Kingdom, telling different stories. Every person had their unique experience and story. To be able to see the effect of your words on another person is indescribable.”

He added: “I never imagined standing on the stage of Al-Muftaha Theater to speak in front of 3,000 people. I was talking while observing the faces of the audience smiling kindly, as they shared my sorrows and joys. I concluded my talk and went to the backstage, still hearing the cheering of the great audience of Abha. This is what will happen when the journey of inspiration is completed with the coming stop in Jazan.”

Abdulmajid Al-Kinani, the presenter of the YouTube program “Tidbits,” talked about his experience in presentation and showbiz. He explained: “You have to deal with your fame bravely by choosing good content that will remind people of you, while resisting all temptations. I advise youth not to seek fame as an end, but accept it as the result of what they present to make their offspring proud of them in the future.”

Abdulrahman Abu-Malih, Presenter of the podcast “Finjan [coffee cup]” and one of the winners of the New Social Media Award, spoke about his experience in spreading the culture of podcast in the Kingdom.

A series of short films was presented. Courage in ‘Asir featured a number of elderly people talking about stories that affected their lives, in addition to a film featuring the beauty of ‘Asir in a visual display. There was also a movie presenting the most important quotes about bravery under the title Quotations, headed by a quote by the Crown Prince HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, in which he said: “We have extremely impressive and outstanding Saudi minds. In those minds, we have powerful energy, high culture, and amazing skills.” The event wrapped up with the southern Al-Ardah dance, which is considered one of the most important popular arts in ‘Asir, performed by the Bellsamar troupe.

It is worth mentioning that the Ithra Southern Border initiative is offering a comprehensive series of educational and enriching programs that were custom designed to foster a love for science and knowledge among students of all ages. The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture aims through its initiatives and programs to support the Kingdom’s efforts to transform into a knowledge society by nurturing a passion for knowledge, innovation, and cultural and cross-cultural engagement with the world.