Our Building

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture with its unique architecture rising 90 meters above the Earth’s surfaceas a shining beacon of knowledge in the Dhahran skyline. The exterior design of the building symbolizes the harmony of the rock formations carved out in the heart of the Arabian Desert. It stands as a striking landmark, and it offers the latest technologies and innovations as well as beautiful works of art.

Progress symbolized through the different parts of the Center. The underground levels represent the rich past, while the ground levels represent the bustling present. Meanwhile, the soaring Knowledge Tower represents the promise of the future. Components below ground – including the archives and the museum – focus on the past. Components at ground level, such as the performing arts spaces, are anchored in the present, and components in the Knowledge Tower, which include the Lifelong Learning Center, soar upward into the future. The iconic build of the Center encompasses high standard features:

  • Façade
    The façade is made from stainless steel tubes that are intricately and individually formed and bent, then wrapped around the building.
  • Building Techniques
    The modern building techniques that create the façade are complemented by one of the oldest techniques: rammed earth.  A Rammed earth foundation delivers a fireproof, soundproof, well-insulated space using highly compressed natural materials such as sand, gravel and clay.
  • Interactive Technology
    The building has a number of unique features blending new and old technology and techniques creating interactive programs and exhibits that will engage visitors of all ages.
  • Green
    Guided by LEED’s (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) international standards of excellence, the Cultural Center will be energy-efficient for years to come.